Do oysters have predators?

Answer Oysters have several predators, and we humans are on that list. In addition to humans, small snails called "oyster drills," starfish, the "oyster catcher" bird and stingrays are all responsible fo... Read More »

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How many predators do the US have?

Do giant pandas have predators?

The main predators of the giant panda are human beings. Adult giant pandas do not have natural predators, but the cubs can be vulnerable to attack by leopards. Leopards are therefore the only non... Read More »

Do oysters have eyes?

Although some bivalves, such as scallops, have weak eyes, oysters do not have eyes. Their heads and nervous systems are poorly developed, and they spend their lives attached to one place and do not... Read More »

How do oysters have babies?

Once an oyster attaches to the ocean floor, it remains stationary for the rest of its life. This immobility requires certain adaptations; to feed, for instance, an oyster forces water into its gill... Read More »