Do oysters have predators?

Answer Oysters have several predators, and we humans are on that list. In addition to humans, small snails called "oyster drills," starfish, the "oyster catcher" bird and stingrays are all responsible fo... Read More »

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How many predators do the US have?

How to Avoid Predators?

There are unidentified predators around us on a daily basis. We need to learn to avoid them and take action when it becomes a real problem. Here are some ways to protect yourself and be informed ab... Read More »

What are sea urchin predators?

Sea urchins are spherical ocean creatures covered with poky spines. Sea urchins feed on kelp and seaweed, helping reefs and tidal areas from becoming overrun with seaweed. Sea urchins have a handfu... Read More »

Predators of the Earthworm?

Earthworms are one of the most common and prevalent types of worms. They are usually pink or brown, have bodies made up of many segments and exude a slimy substance that helps them move through soi... Read More »