Do ornamental sweet potato vines produce fruit?

Answer Yes, ornamental sweet potatoes grow a tuber under the soil. Ornamental sweet potatoes and yams are grown from the same species, whose scientific name is Ipomoea batatus. You can eat the fruit that ... Read More »

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Will a buried sweet potato produce vines?

A buried sweet potato will produce a new vine from the eye of the original potato. After about 120 days, new potatoes can be dug out of the soil surrounding the parent plant.Source:Clemson Universi... Read More »

Are the sweet potatos produced from ornamental sweet potato vine edible?

Technically, Yes.But they taste terrible, so no one does.

Cats & Sweet Potato Vines?

From grade school science project to a tantalizing side dish and attractive garden accent, the 'ipomoea batatas' (sweet potato) has long been the source of admiration and wonder. The vine itself is... Read More »

Is an ornamental sweet potato vine poisonous?

Although it often is used decoratively, sweet potato vine, or Ipomea spp., is toxic, containing hallucinogenic properties and high levels of nitrate. Sweet potato vine is in the Morning Glory famil... Read More »