Do onions planted from seed mature in one season?

Answer Although they require a long growing season, onions grown from seed do mature in one season. Because different varieties have different requirements for temperature and light, gardeners must select... Read More »

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Does the type of soil in which the seed is planted affect seed germination?

Ive planted radishes and beetroot, shallots and onions. do I need to cover?

You don't need to cover them. Your biggest worry will be from not enough water or too much

How to Plant Onions From the Seed Staff?

Cooked or raw, sliced or diced, onions are essential to many recipes. Most home gardeners enjoy growing onions from seedlings or sets, which mature quickly. These onions are usually harvested durin... Read More »

How do I plant onions from the seed staff?

Harvesting SeedsGrow onions for two full seasons so they will produce flowering staffs. Once onions have completely gone to seed, harvest the staffs, then hang them upside-down to dry. Gather the ... Read More »