Do oil tampons help to ease labour?

Answer Asl your doctor before doing anything like that. You don't want to get an infection that may affect your baby.

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I need help with tampons ?

You should get playtex gentle glide slender with lights and regular. It shouldn't hurt if you put it in right and you can keep it in for 8 hours.

Tampons or pads please help?

You have more options than just tampons and pads, both of which can be inconvenient as you have to constantly buy more, have to carry them with you, change every few hours, and sometimes struggle t... Read More »

First time using tampons Help?

Don't pull it out fast and wait for it to get some blood on it before you take it out or else you'll feel like you're ripping your vagina out. Happened to me when I panicked. OUCH. But yeah, jus... Read More »

Help! Question about tampons girls only!?

First off, it is the vagina. Not where pee comes out, but not where poo does. It is in the middle. I usually put it in right after I use the restroom. Squat a bit and insert gently while attempting... Read More »