Do normal people actually exist on the internet ?

Answer The better question would be "Do normal people exist?"

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Do anti gravity propulsion engines actually exist?

No, but some scientist believe that the spaces between atoms are made of 'cosmic soup', which produces anti-gravity when it becomes tense. Obviously there's no evidense for this, but hey.

Can anybody tell me if their actually is a National Pancake Day , and why it would exist?

I have never heard of that but I would like to have such a day..1.) because they taste delicious2.) you can never have too much days to celebrate something,even it´s a small thing..(-;Enjoy life..

Why do people call other people noobs, instead of actually HELPING the person learn?

I think it is a state of mind. Often in the world people just cant seperate real life from fantasy/web. Kids often use it because its supposed to be cool to be rude and nasty. My kids dont ... Read More »

Does internet explorer exist for iPhone 4?

No. They both run an averagely speedy A4 processor. The difference is the 16gb can hold twice as many songs, videos, contacts, and apps.