Do nitro Top Fuel cars have a radiator?

Answer They do not use a radiator or water. Instead, the engine's special fuel and the intake of supercharged air become the coolants. Top Fuel (the most powerful classification in drag racing) typically ... Read More »

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What do Nitro RC cars sound like?

Nitro RC cars quickly get up to fast speeds. As the car goes faster, it sounds more and more like a swarm of killer bees. Some say that it feels like the bees are chasing after you, the car is so l... Read More »

Facts on Nitro Cars?

Nitro cars are one of the fastest types of vehicles, which makes them perfect for automotive racing. The cars move faster than NASCAR vehicles and produce more horsepower than nearly every type of ... Read More »

About Remote-Controlled Nitro Cars?

Nitro-powered remote-controlled (RC) cars are a popular alternative to electric RC cars because they offer longer run times, faster speeds and are able to operate in a greater variety of outdoor we... Read More »

What is nitro gas fuel?

Nitro fuel is a special type of fuel that is used for remote-controlled (RC) cars, airplanes, trucks and boats. Nitro fuel is not gasoline; the type of engine it is made for are nitro engines, also... Read More »