Do newborn babies have a patella?

Answer Newborns do not have patella's until they are 2-6 years of age which is when they start to grow.

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Do newborn babies have tear ducts?

Babies do have tear ducts. However, an infant often suffers from blocked tear ducts. Sometimes, when a child is born, the tear ducts are not completely open or get clogged and the tears cannot drai... Read More »

Why do newborn babies have passive immunity to many diseases?

The antibodies to certain diseases and viruses are passed from Mother to Baby.

When did the IRS require newborn babies to have a Social Security number?

Newborn babies are not required to have a Social Security number (SSN) . It is highly recommended to obtain an SSN when applying for a birth certificate because the process is faster then applying ... Read More »

Im 15 and i think i have patella femoral syndrome?

It is probably just growing pains it'll go away