Do new printers have epmty ink cartridges?

Answer It is true that printers come with "Starter Cartridges" this was actually because people were replacing the printers, instead of the inks. Printers are often sold at a loss and the money is made v... Read More »

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Printers that use the new (02) cartridges--how long do the cartridges last?

The 02 cartridges last between 350 to 490 pages, depending on color and on usage. The newer printers have a reservoir in there and are generally more ink-efficient. These links below should help yo... Read More »

What printers do HP Inkjet 45 ink cartridges fit?

Hp Inkjet 45 cartridges fit in Deskjet and Officejet printer models. They also fit in most Designjets, most Color Copiers, and Photosmart copiers. Inkjet 45 cartridges are one of the company's most... Read More »

Do laser printers need ink cartridges?

They need toner cartidges.Toner is a dry powder made of very small bits of plastic - hot rollers in the printer fuse the toner to the paper to make printout.This link has lots of details:

Are ink cartridges full that come with new printers?

New printers ship with low capacity cartridges, referred to as "evaluation" or "standard" capacity. They'll usually get you 1/2 the number of printed pages that a "high capacity" cartridge would pr... Read More »