Do new printers come with the Ink?

Answer Yes but very little

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Do new printers come with ink?

Most new printers come with some ink, even budget printers. The problem is, the ink that comes with the printer isn't as much as what's in the replacement cartridges. Usually, the ink will get you ... Read More »

Do all usb printers come with usb cords?

HP and Canon are notorious cheapos .Most of the time they don't include a cable to save some money.You have to buy yours separately and what sucks most is that they are not standard USB cables beca... Read More »

Why dont printers come with a usb cable?

Some people want a long or short cable and due to the price it is silly to include one that may not be used.

Are ink cartridges full that come with new printers?

New printers ship with low capacity cartridges, referred to as "evaluation" or "standard" capacity. They'll usually get you 1/2 the number of printed pages that a "high capacity" cartridge would pr... Read More »