Do negative calorie diets work?

Answer On One Hand: You Lose WeightNegative calorie diets work by restricting your intake to foods that require more energy to chew, digest and process than they provide through sustenance. As a result, y... Read More »

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Do 800-calorie diets work?

On One Hand: You Will Lose WeightVery low-calorie diets such as an 800-calorie-per-day diet will indeed result in quick, short-term weight loss. A very low-calorie diet can result in weight loss of... Read More »

Does the negative-calorie diet work?

On One Hand: It Partially WorksThe theory behind the negative-calorie diet is that some foods have so few calories that our bodies actually burn more calories simply by eating the food than we gain... Read More »

Do those diets ever work?

If you stick with what you learn , they work, but it "ain't " easy. I am talking about WW.

Diets That Work Quickly?

According to David Zinczenko of MSN Health, rapid weight loss poses a danger when it also results in losing muscle. While an appropriate amount of weight to lose per week varies based on the indivi... Read More »