Do need your vagina cut open when you have a babies?

Answer Ask your mommy and give her back the computer.

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Is it normal to still have pain when you open your mouth to eat and be unable to open your mouth fully 2 weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It can be normal. It's sometimes quite a surgery. If you are having any concerns, call you doctor. If it isn't getting better at all or starts to get worse, call your doctor. But some ac... Read More »

Is it effective when girl washed her vagina with soap after the intercourse but all the guy did was rub his penis on her vagina and didn't know when seminal fluid came out?

How to Know When Your Rabbits Are Going to Have Babies?

Unlike some animals that mate only in the spring or under certain circumstances, rabbits are avid breeders that can mate at almost any time. They breed year-round, and, as induced-ovulators, a fema... Read More »

When your pregnant does your vagina burn and itch when you urine?

It sounds like you could have a UTI or yeast infection. Both are very common in pregnancy. Just call your Dr and tell them what is happening.