Do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay check them out and let me know?

Answer u have a beautiful smile :Dedit: AND a lot of class dealing with idiots like hudson :)

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How long do you have to wear braces to fix a gap in your teeth and is there anything else that will fix them?

AnswerHow long depends on lots of things, but 2 years is average. Althought if a gap is the only thing that needs "fixed", it will probably be much shorter. You could also possibly have the gap fix... Read More »

Okay I'm having twins, What will I need for them, and how much?

Just get the minimum for the first few months Chick as they grow out of them so fast. You can always buy extra after they are born if you need them. Next time I speak to my daughter in Athens I w... Read More »

What type of teeth do i have and how long will i need braces?

I had every problem imaginable, dental wise. I had to have my maxilla, upper jaw, widened with a painful metal spacer bar, i had to have full braces, I had to have little rubber bands on my braces ... Read More »

Will a 13-year-old girl need braces in order for her permanent teeth to come in?

Answer You can't get braces on baby teeth. The girl would have to have her permanent teeth first (and should, by the age of 13). Needing braces is a matter of genetics and heredity. Some people h... Read More »