Do my scars have an infection?

Answer Bad infection may become blood poisoning, which will show as red lines on your arm, under the skin.Do the cleaning bit, as Sin and HD have suggested.When you want to cut, write a poem about a littl... Read More »

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I use to cut myself 2 years ago. And still have the scars. Is there anything I can do to remove the scars?

I can relate... I have this stuff called bio-oil... I dont know what store you can get it in, but it was from canada. It gets rid of scars from mosquito bites to.. Cuts. You can probably google it.... Read More »

Do i have a chest infection i have a sore throat i keep coughing up this green stuff i have a very chesty cough and my nose is blocked which makes it hard to breath.?

Can you have your wisdom teeth pulled if you have a sinus infection?

Answer No, your wisdom teeth stays under your gum in the back of your mouth and it never comes out. When being tested in Scientific labs, Scientists know that wisdom teeth never come out in any inf... Read More »

If you have a tooth infection and have been taking antibiotics for a day is it normal for it to still be swollen?

Answer Yes, but if it doesn't get better in another two or three days, call your doctor and let them know.