Do my friend and I look alike?

Answer Hey you guys obviously don't look EXACTLY alike...however there are certain similarities between the both of you....the hair for one is both styled very similar. And you are right, your skin tone l... Read More »

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Do we look alike?

yes i think do do have some features that are the same!Can i just say, you have lovely big eyes by the way!lolxxxxxxx

Do me and my cousin look alike?

Do my sister and I look anything alike?

nope not at all (i dno where these ppl are seeing resemblance ha) you have diff eyes eyebrows mouths skin noses hair and shaped face ..u two are completely diff

Are protons from two different elements alike?

Yes the protons from two different atoms are indistinguishable. There are not different kinds of protons. What makes atoms different and gives them their unique identity is that they contain differ... Read More »