Do Muslims believe in fate?

Answer In Islam, fate is an essential part of a Muslim's belief. There are four levels of fate: knowledge, recording, will and creation. Muslims also believe that each level of fate is predetermined by Al... Read More »

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Do Muslims believe in the marriage of children?

No of course, but in Islam it is better to get married young, (but not too young :P)

How to Believe in God and Jesus?

Belive.You always feel that feeling, once and a while, that when you die, there is no field of gold waiting for you. Or, the scariest thing just happened, but you blame the Lord for it. Trust your ... Read More »

Do Masons believe in Jesus?

The Freemasons are a historic fraternal organization, who have often been somewhat secretive. Freemasons believe in a "Supreme Being;" this is a necessary requirement to become a Mason. Freemasons... Read More »

How to Believe That Jesus Is in the Old Testament (Christianity)?

Have you read what the prophet Daniel saw in a vision at night: "I looked, and there before me was someone coming with the clouds of heaven, who approached the Ancient of Days and was led into His ... Read More »