Do most women lose weight in the beginning of pregnancy?

Answer no i didn't only when if you get morning sickness

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Is it bad to lose weight in the beginning of your pregnancy?

weight lose is not advised during pregnant as your baby needs all it can get and when you weight your baby goes without. it is best to leave any diet until after your baby is born.

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

www.thepostnatal.comAfter your delivery, it could take a couple of weeks before you can begin your exercise plan. Start out slowly with light exercises and stretches. The high impact aerobic and an... Read More »

How to Lose Twin Pregnancy Weight?

So, you just had twin babies and they are the joys of your life but you want your pre-pregnancy body back? What do you do to get results but not go overboard? Well, here is the healthy way to go.

How do you lose weight during pregnancy?

You don't. It is very unhealthy to try and lose weight during pregnancy unless you are seriously obese. Be very careful about either restricting calorie intake or vigorous exercise during pregnanc... Read More »