Do most teenagers pay their own car insurance?

Answer Answer That's a question for a different forum. It depends on your parents and their ideals and ideology and income.

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Do VA Teenagers need car Insurance?

Answer Yes,

Car Insurance Facts for Teenagers?

When teenagers get behind the wheel for the first time, they are stepping out into a realm of new responsibility and freedom. Unfortunately, for teens, responsibility and freedom do not always go h... Read More »

What car insurance company has the best rates for teenagers?

On One Hand: Shop Around for the Best Car Insurance Rate.When looking for car insurance for teen drivers, it is best to shop. You can get car insurance quotes online from companies such as NetQuote... Read More »

Auto Insurance Guide for Teenagers?

Learning how to drive is a right of passage. It is something every teenager can't wait to do, until he realizes that he must get automobile insurance before he gets behind the wheel. For example, i... Read More »