Do most naturopaths share this opinion?

Answer It wouldn't surprise me. His article is completely inaccurate too. He gets off to a shaky start when he says, "Our God-designed immune system when working to perfection can overcome any infection w... Read More »

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If you share an apt. with your girlfriend and your renters insurance is just in your name is this a bad thing even if most of the contents are yours?

Answer Each policy and each state is different. Sometimes living with someone constitutes common-law marriage. Most of the time, your policy will only cover your possessions, BUT the liability po... Read More »

Has anyone tryed this or bought this please give your opinion on..?

I haven't tried it yet but I really really want to. I've heard great things about it.

Have you heard this story yet..I wanted to share this with you mommies ( Video )?

wow I literally have tears pouring down my face right now, after seeing this. What a little sweetheart, so cute and pretty. There are so many horror child abuse stories out there (Brianna Lopez, Ca... Read More »

A question for those so called Naturopaths?

Hi there, very difficult to comment exactly without knowing more about the condition. It is important to bear in mind that the allopathic (Western Medical) approach is invariably the suppression of... Read More »