Do mosses have very small flowers?

Answer Mosses are all classified as bryophytes; they produce spores for propagation, rather than seeds, and they do not flower. Unlike flowering plants, mosses lack any real root structure. Instead they p... Read More »

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I have found an original, very small loft room in my small Edwardian Terrace. How was it originally used?

I starred your question because I find it interesting and I was hoping someone could give you an answer or even an idea of the room's purpose. I personally have no idea myself, but I would suggest... Read More »

Why do trees have very bright flowers?

Trees have bright flowers to attract the pollinators. specific types of pollinators are bees and hummingbirds.

How much would you pay for a Capo Di Monte basket of flowers very large and very heavy.?

Why desert plants blooms very quickly and why these flowers have a brilliant colors?