What do morons do when American Idol isn't on?

Answer good question. i work for a cable company and people flip if they can't get that show for whatever reason!

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Why do we have too many morons on the road specially on motorways?

So why don't those Wikipedia morons say anything about Family Guy finally switching to 16:9?

Wikipedia's Family Guy articles are controlled ("owned") by obsessive Family Guy fans, as is true for many long-running popular TV series that are saddled with Wikipedia articles about them. The ar... Read More »

Why won't Facebook let me create the new Friends list/category called "Morons"?

I put all the retards I know in the "Close Friends" category so I can keep a very close watch over them. The only "Close Friend" I have in there right now is my neighbour's "slow" son Chad. He us... Read More »

When Yahoo files for bankruptcy, will you consider hiring any of the morons who claim experience at Yahho?

They made 512 million after tax profit in 2007 - they are no where near going bankrupt