Do morning headaches&all day dizziness indicate brain tumors or cancer?

Answer On One Hand: Symptoms Indicative of Brain TumorsAccording to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, headaches and dizziness are symptoms of a brain tumor, particularly if the symptoms are recurring. Addition... Read More »

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How many types of brain tumors are there?

Well, there's a brain stem glioma. I guess just about any of them could be at the base of the brain. As far as types, regardless of location, I think there's over 20.

How to Treat Brain Tumors in Dogs?

Brain tumors are very serious and affect thousands of dogs each year. The only way to properly diagnose a brain tumor is to give the dog a CT scan or an MRI. Once a tumor is detected, it is up to t... Read More »

New Treatment for Cancer and Brain Tumors?

There have been many new advances in the treatment of cancer and brain tumors. These treatments go beyond chemotherapy and radiation and offer fresh hope to cancer patients and, often, more painles... Read More »

Seizures and Brain Tumors in Dogs?

A seizure can be a frightening experience for both the dog and the owner. Seizures may be caused by various things including a brain tumor. Both the brain tumor and seizures have a possibility of b... Read More »