Do moose lose their antlers every year?

Answer Male moose begin growing antlers--which can ultimately weigh more than 60 pounds--early in the spring. Bull moose antlers reach maturity by the end of summer and are shed annually during late fall ... Read More »

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When do Maine moose lose their antlers?

Maine moose shed their antlers after mating season, and in late December (typically before Christmas). Only the males grow antlers, and a "rack" can reach 5 feet across. Still, finding a shed pair ... Read More »

Do deer lose their antlers every year?

All male deer shed their antlers annually in the winter, following the mating season in fall. By shedding antlers, deer eliminate weight what would drains energy from their bodies during the harsh ... Read More »

Do deer lose their antlers each year?

A male deer's antlers are useful for attracting females and for fighting off other bucks. The antlers are shed once a year when the mating season is over, and grow back in time for the next mating ... Read More »

Do whitetail deer lose their antlers every year?

Whitetail deer, specifically bucks, shed their antlers annually during the mid-winter months and grow them back during the spring and summer months. Whitetail deer antlers--which can grow up to 1 1... Read More »