How to Unlock Knuckles in the Genie Codes for "Sonic 3 & Knuckles"?

Answer In 1994, Sega released "Sonic & Knuckles," a game that featured a revolutionary lock-on technology. The first three installments of "Sonic the Hedgehog" could be inserted into the top of the "Sonic... Read More »

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Who does the voice of Moose A Moose?

Paul Christie does the voice of Moose A. Moose

Do moose have antlers?

Each year, a male moose grows wide antlers that can measure up to 6 feet in diameter. The moose retains his antlers throughout the mating season in spring and summer, sheds them during the fall or ... Read More »

Do female moose have antlers?

Only male moose possess antlers, which they use to assert dominance during mating season. Antlers are comprised of living tissue covered in smooth skin, which develops from small bumps located on t... Read More »

I have dark rough skin on my knuckles and elbows.?

It could possibly be a form of psoriasis. Even if it's not there is a psoriasis medication in a squeeze bottle. The ingredient you're looking for is salicydic acid, I think that's the same stuff ... Read More »