Do moms masturbate their diabled children?

Answer You should confront him first, tell him that you know that he ditched school and that if he does it again then you will have to tell your parents. Therefore you wont be ratting him out necessarily ... Read More »

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Moms of several children...?

My two were the same weight basically 8lbs and 8lbs 2oz. But the 8lbs 2oz had an abnormally large head with and THAT made a difference.Anecdotally from my homebirthing group from moms that have mo... Read More »

Need help from moms with extraordinary children What would you do?

My 10 year old is perfection. My 3 year old was a mouth breather until I had his adenoids removed that taught him. I understand where you are coming from they always sound like they are sooo out ... Read More »

Why is it there are no moms who are raising their children who say they wish ....?

I guess losing a child - either to adoption - or to death - is not something a parent really ever WANTS to go through.Most are wired to want to care for their children.Sadly there are those that do... Read More »

Spiritually inquiring: Moms, What are some of the best moments with your children?

Blessings to all I really like this Carole its nice.... We all as Mothers remember every bits of thing that had happens in the lives off our Children , please ladies do not forget the sad ones al... Read More »