Do modern thermostats contain mercury?

Answer According to Earth 911, modern thermostats don't contain mercury; "new mercury thermostats are virtually an obsolete product." Several states have passed laws to ensure the proper collection of old... Read More »

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About Car Thermostats?

The thermostat in an automobile is like a doorway from the radiator into the engine. Water cannot pass into the engine to cool it until the thermostat opens up and creates a passage. The thermostat... Read More »

How do I adjust thermostats?

Find the Current TemperatureLook at the thermostat to find out the current temperature reading. Decide if you want to lower or raise the temperature in the house. Turn the thermostat to the auto se... Read More »

How do I dispose of old thermostats?

Find a Legal Disposal SiteContact the environmental agency of your state government for information on a legal disposal site near you. Old thermostats contain mercury, so you must dispose of them i... Read More »

How do thermostats work?

Thermostats make life more comfortable for countless homeowners and office personnel by enabling them to control room temperatures. This simple device instructs the climate control system to heat o... Read More »