Do miscarriage symptoms include flu like symptoms?

Answer Yes, you can get flu-like symptoms during a miscarriage. However, flu-like symptoms are also VERY common pregnancy symtpoms. With a miscarriage, you would also be in pain and have reasonably heavy ... Read More »

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Do pregnancy symptoms include headaches dizzyness and flu-like symptoms and body aches fatigue and strong cramping and dry mouth?

Answer It's difficult to tell and you should be checked out by a doctor. If you are on any type of medications please look it up on the internet to find out what the side effects are. Some medica... Read More »

Are flu like symptoms such as body aches and aching eyes symptoms of pregnancy because you have heard flu like symptoms can happen in pregnancy?

You may have body aches but aching eyes would not be a typical symptom of pregnancy. Usually when it is said that you might have flu-like symptoms with pregnancy, it is referring more to the malais... Read More »

Do pregnancy symptoms include cramps like you are going to have your period and gas?

Answer Yes. I felt cramping during the early weeks of pregancy. But if any bleeding occurs be sure to call your doctor, especially if your past your first trimester. A miscarrage could be dangersou... Read More »

Are flu-like symptoms and a bloated feeling considered pregnancy symptoms if you are 3 days late?