Do minerals help plants grow?

Answer yes indeed, there is manyminerals around your life.....even what your standing on.when minerals like fertilier comes and gets put on the plants.

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Can Plants Grow Without Trace Minerals?

Plants require a balance of 17 minerals in order to survive. Without an adequate supply of any of these, whether required in large or small amounts, a plant cannot grow well and will ultimately die... Read More »

What vitamins or minerals are essential to help people grow taller?

HGH is just about the only thing that will stimulate growth, but it will only work up to the point when the growth plate closes on the long bones. That is usually shortly after puberty. You will ne... Read More »

Can seltzer water help plants grow?

Seltzer water can help plants grow faster than tap water. This is because carbonated water contains macronutrients that plants need--such as oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, sulfur and sodium. When plants... Read More »

How does water help plants grow?

The plant uses the water and converts it to food. the process is called photosynthesis. plant growth requires water, soil, oxygen, and sunlight.N.B. The process of using water is not called photosy... Read More »