Can Puerto Ricans vote in U.S. elections?

Answer Puerto Ricans can not vote in U.S. presidential elections. Puerto Rico also does not have any voting representation in the Senate or House of Representatives. Puerto Rico governs itself and control... Read More »

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Do Puerto Ricans Pay Social Security Tax?

Puerto Ricans must pay Social Security tax through FICA, just like anyone filing taxes in the United States. The Social Security tax is part of FICA, which includes both Social Security taxes and M... Read More »

Can Puerto Ricans serve in the US military?

Do puerto ricans speak spanish or english?

English and Spanish are spoken in Puerto Rico, and both are classed as official languages. The Island is still very connected to its Latin heritage, however, so Spanish is most often used.Reference... Read More »

Are Puerto Ricans required to learn English?

Puerto Ricans are required to learn English from kindergarten through 12th grade. Spanish is the language used in public schools, but English is taught as part of the school curriculum every year. ... Read More »