Which cigarettes are better, menthol or not?

Answer how about you don't smoke and give your lungs a rest?? I bet you will like candy even more...

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Why did the FDA ban all the flavored cigarettes but not MENTHOL?

I asked people at the Cigarettes-Cheaper by my parents house, because I used to LOVE the vanilla flavored Sweet Dreams. You already guessed it, it's because the government thinks kids are more like... Read More »

Are menthol cigarettes healthier than normal ones?

Nope - they contain just about as much rubbish as normal ones.I plan on giving up on Sunday *shakes in terror!!*

What are the best menthol cigarettes to smoke and can i purchase it online?

Hi!I would suggest Marlboro black menthol.They will be sweet with strong minty taste,Its the best mintiest tasting cigarette I've ever had though. Price is dirt cheap. They burn up at the same pace... Read More »

What is the difference between clove cigarettes and marlboro black menthol and which one is best flavouredWh?

Clove Cigarettes are made with mix of tobacco, clove ( dried flower buds) and some flavors... made with a roughly 60%mixture of Indonesian tobacco and 40% fresh crushed cloves. Indonesian tobacco i... Read More »