Do menopausal women itch a lot?

Answer Due to decreased estrogen levels during and after menopause, vaginitis, or inflammation of the vagina, can cause pain and itching, according to the Mayo Clinic. Further, skin may become more dry du... Read More »

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Do menopausal women lose libido?

During menopause, 20 to 40 percent of women experience loss of libido. An imbalance between three major hormones---estrogen, progesterone and androgens---contributes to this symptom. Other causes f... Read More »

How do I Remove Facial Hair in Post-Menopausal Women?

Many post-menopausal women experience an increased amount of facial hair growth. Most of the new facial hair grows due to lessened estrogen levels in a woman's system or increased levels of androge... Read More »

Should post menopausal women have fibroid tumors removed?

On One Hand: Removal May Not Be NecessaryFibroid tumors have a tendency to shrink on their own during menopause because of the decrease of estrogen in a woman's body, according to the Mayo Clinic a... Read More »

Pre-Menopausal Diet?

Pre-menopause or perimenopause is the time when a woman's hormones change and her periods become irregular. It is marked by symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, changes in sleep patterns, anxi... Read More »