Women appear to be less likely than men to have heart attacks. What explains this?

Answer Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women.I doubt sex has to do with actual heart attacks life style and heredity has more to do with it.Men are more likely to order that double cheese burger w... Read More »

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Is it true that women have less accidents then man because they drive smaller cars than men?

Its NOT the smaller cars that do it, is it, cos some women drive 4x4 so that throws that arguement right out the window.The reason women have fewer accidents than men is because MOST women are cons... Read More »

How to Get Ready to Go Out in Less Than Two Hours (Women)?

For most girls their lives are planned out by the hour. They have it written down in a diary or keyed into their mobile phones. They know the time and place of appointments, class, coffee catch ups... Read More »

Do women feel physical pain less than men?

Nah! they're always whinging about something!

Why do women suffer less heart attacks than men?

The researchers found that estradiol and estrone (together, called estrogen's) were linked to higher levels of low density proteins (LDL), or the bad type of cholesterol and lower levels of high de... Read More »