Do many of you out there need to have Vitamin B12 injections periodically?

Answer B12 defficiency, due to pernicious anaemia, requiring injections rather than oral supplements, affects about 1% of the population.

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Are there any injections I need?

I'd consider a vaccination against tetanus, especially if you enjoy gardening.

Do cell phones need to be periodically "restarted" as we do computers?

I dunno I just got a new fancy cell-phone for my birthday.. I have yet to figure out how to put music on it

IS there any vitamin where I can have more energy?

I am also going to suggest Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D3, 1000 I.U. I take that along with a multivitamin and it has helped me a lot. Didn't happen overnight but it did happen! I have read ... Read More »

Do garbage disposals have to be cleaned out periodically?

You need to clean your garbage disposal periodically in order to keep it running properly. Do this by placing a couple of ice cubes into the disposal and turning it on for one minute one or two ti... Read More »