Do many college students simply not work at all while going to school?

Answer yes you dont have to work. it depends on your need, but most of the time, loans/grants will cover the school expense. What you have left to spend on food, etc. depends on your need

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Scholarships for High School Students Going to College?

The financial realities of paying for college hits almost every home in the United States. Students have a number of options to help cover tuition costs, including private and federal student loans... Read More »

Is an ipad good for high school/college students?

If you're looking for functionality, quit wasting your money on those grossly over priced and incompatible Apple products. 18 years and they STILL can't compete with the rest of the computer market... Read More »

Are there any scholarships available for students who did not go straight from High School to the college?

there sure are.... you can go back to college any time you want. try the gov grants first, then private scholarships.i dont know your details, so i will just post all that i have. i know its a lot,... Read More »

What percentage of high school students attend college after graduation?

Seventy percent of high school students enroll in college after graduation, and 91.6 percent of recent high school graduates who attend college are enrolled on a full-time basis, according to a 200... Read More »