Do many college students simply not work at all while going to school?

Answer yes you dont have to work. it depends on your need, but most of the time, loans/grants will cover the school expense. What you have left to spend on food, etc. depends on your need

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Scholarships for High School Students Going to College?

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$10k in the bank, should I still work while going to college.?

You should always have a job. School should be no excuse to quit work and work should be no excuse to take 6 years to graduate. So if anything take a part time job while going to school full time.

Can you take college classes while going to high school?

All states except Alaska, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island have statewide dual enrollment programs that allow high school students to take classes at colleges and universities. These four s... Read More »

Can a college student with a Florida license drive a family owned car insured in Florida while going to school in New York?

Answer If the insurance company is aware of you and the address where the car is garaged at, it is usually not a problem, but is something that they should be informed of.