How to Tell If a Male & Female Platy Are Having Babies?

Answer Platies are small tropical fish that range in color from drab brown to bright orange. Unlike many other species of fish, they are live-bearers, which means that they do not lay eggs and have a peri... Read More »

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Does a male bird feed babies?

According to Standford University, altricial birds (naked, helpless hatchlings) usually need to be raised by both parents, with the male bird taking an active role in gathering food. With some type... Read More »

How to Use Diamox for Seahorses?

Use Diamox to cure gas bubble disease in aquatic mammals such as seahorses. Oversaturation of dissolved nitrogen gas in the water causes gas bubble disease, according to the Fish Junkies website. F... Read More »

Why are male inmates always trying to make babies with each other, don't they know 2 men can't make a baby?

I just thought that all the guys I shared a cell with had had hysterectomies. Now I'm bummed. :(

Where do seahorses live in the world?

Seahorses live in shallow tropical and temperate waters around the world. They live in the grasses and coral reefs and anchor themselves to them with their tails. Males will often stay on the same ... Read More »