Do male or female green parrots talk better?

Answer On One Hand: Males Talk More Than Females"Green" can describe a number of parrots, all having some amount of green in their plumage. Australian king, Amazon, caique, conure, male eclectus, quaker a... Read More »

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How to Tell the Difference Between Male & Female Green Anoles?

The green anole is the only anole that is a native species in the U.S. and can be found in tropical forests and wooded areas. This tree-dwelling lizard lives in close to the ground in plants and tr... Read More »

What color are male African grey parrots?

Both the male and female African grey parrot are grey in color. While color alone will not distinguish male from female, there are several other factors that will make the distinction. Males have a... Read More »

Are female Senegal parrots friendlier than males?

Senegal parrots are generally considered terrific birds to have as pets, being able to bond with humans as well as entertain themselves. According to AvianWeb, there have been reports that the male... Read More »

Do African grey parrots talk?

Yes. One of the most famous talking African grey parrots was Alex, who not only had a vocabulary of 100 words but could count up to six. He also could communicate with and understand his researcher... Read More »