Do magnets lose their magnetism over time?

Answer Yes, there are ways in which a magnet can lose magnetism. A magnet made from soft material will lose its magnetism quicker than harder material. Heating or banging on it will demagnetize a magnet. ... Read More »

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Science Projects on Magnetism and Not Magnets?

Science fairs are a fun and beneficial way to have students work hands-on with scientific activities. Science fair projects challenge students to think and perform research while working within spe... Read More »

Do magnets lose power?

Magnets can gradually lose their strength because of heat, radiation, electrical currents, or other magnets placed close by. However, a magnet that is protected from these influences will retain it... Read More »

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Science Projects for Permanent Magnets Vs. Temporary Magnets?

Hands-on learning is an excellent way to teach scientific concepts. Projects that demonstrate the difference between permanent magnets and temporary magnets are easy and inexpensive to create. Temp... Read More »