Do magic mushrooms grow wild in pennsylvania?

Answer Magic mushrooms are called this because they may cause hallucinations in people who ingest them. For this reason they are used as drugs by some people. They grow wild in many parts of the United St... Read More »

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How do mushrooms grow in the wild?

Mushrooms are produced by fungi and can grow almost anywhere. Different mushrooms grow on different material and must have the proper moisture and temperature conditions to develop. Some grow only ... Read More »

What time of year do magic mushrooms grow?

Hallucinogenic mushrooms, also known as "magic mushrooms," appear in many different varieties. Depending on the species of the mushroom, they can be found anywhere from August through December. Som... Read More »

Do magic mushrooms grow in southren ohio?

they grow everywhere, in fact one of the strongest strains known grows in the ohio river valley. but watch out, out of like 4000 different kinds of mushrooms, only like 100 of them are edible. the ... Read More »

How fast do wild mushrooms grow on trees?

There are many different varieties of mushrooms that grow at different speeds on trees in the wild. Some grow on decaying trees, acting as decomposers, while others grow on healthy trees as parasit... Read More »