Do maggots eat live tissue?

Answer Maggots, the larvae of flies, generally eat dead flesh. The flesh can be rotting meat, roadkill or in some cases necrotic tissue on living creatures. Some maggots, those belonging to the order Dipt... Read More »

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Do maggots eat live flesh?

Maggots do not eat live flesh. They secrete a substance from their bodies that breaks down dead flesh so that they can digest it. For this reason, they have been used for many years in some medical... Read More »

Can a girl get pregnant if her bf ejaculate on a tissue and then 2 hours later she touches the tissue to throw it and its wet and then touches her vagina from outside and its wet too as she is a virgi?

What do maggots eat?

Maggots (fly larvae) eat live or dead tissue from plants or animals. Some species feed on blood. The exact diet depends on the species. Maggots used for maggot debridement therapy, or MDT, are typi... Read More »

How do you get rid of maggots in your compost bin?

I love it when I get maggots in my compost bin because they speed the decomposition of the organic materials. Its important however to move the bin far enough away from the house that there are no ... Read More »