Do maggots come from eggs?

Answer Flies lay eggs which hatch within days. These eggs contain the agricultural pest known as the maggot. Maggots hatch best in a warm, moist environment. Varieties of maggots include apple maggots, ca... Read More »

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Do all flies come from maggots?

Yes. A maggot is the common name of the larvae phase of development in flies. All flies come from eggs, hatch as larvae, then develop into pupae and become flies.Source:Maggots

Worms or maggots in my leftover eggs. How did it get there?

Well if the lid was open an insect such as a fly could have went in there and layed eggs. or on the other hand if the lid was closed any type of worm like a maggot could have formed because the foo... Read More »

Steak & Eggs Pastrami & Eggs Or Salami & Eggs Which from this list do you like better?

You shouldn't eat eggs together with red meat; it's unhealthy because of the high amount of cholesterol. Steak and eggs can give you 300% of your daily value of cholesterol. You should pick one or ... Read More »

What bird do those little eggs I see everywhere in China come from?

Probably quail eggs are what you are seeing