Do magazine subscriptions build credit?

Answer Magazine subscriptions generally cannot build a credit score because magazine distributors do not necessarily report payments to credit agencies. Nonpayment of magazine subscriptions are reported, ... Read More »

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How to Manage Your Magazine Subscriptions?

Have you noticed how many times in a year the magazines you subscribe to send invoices? You could pay for the same subscription three or four times in the same year if you don't keep track. Many ma... Read More »

Do collection agencies use magazine subscriptions to find debtors?

According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, debt collection agencies may not share information about debtors with other agencies or organizations. If the magazine reports the subscription to a c... Read More »

What kind of credit card can i get to build my credit if i have bad credit?

There are a few very good options to rebuild your credit. By obtaining credit that is attainable to those with poor credit and paying on time for an extended period of time, your credit will slowly... Read More »

To build personal credit, is it best to pay total balance on a secured credit card or just pay the minimum req?