Do mac people make you want to choke on your own vomit?

Answer absolutely not, everyone knows macs are way better than a PC. Typed from my MacBook Pro, thats right...PRO, cause thats the way I roll. Oh and guess what, i have an iphone too, yeah, 16 GB. Bett... Read More »

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Is it possible to choke on your vomit?

No, everything coming up from your stomach is too small to obstruct your airway. It is possible to aspirate vomit into the lungs, which is a serious condition that can lead to pneumonia and other r... Read More »

How to Be Hilarious and Make People Want to Be Your Friend (for Girls)?

If you want to be the center of attention, have everyone love you, and be hilarious, read this! You'll be funny like Nicole Richie in no time!

Preferably would you use a toothbrush or your fingers to make yourself vomit?

You should use neither. If your body needs to vomit, it will do so of its own accord. Vomiting causes damage to the Esophagus especially if done repeatedly.I wish you the wisdom to make the smart... Read More »

I bought a few live hens recently. I want to eat one now I have guests, but how do I choke the chicken?

You know, you should probably check Eck's answer to SilentRunning's question about Meat Tenderizing. You could probably pick up a few tips. Eck seems to be quite the expert in these matters. And re... Read More »