Do long distance charges apply if the other person calls you?

Answer no, not at all.... they only apply to the place that the call originates.

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If someone long distance calls me, do i get charged for long distance?

if someone calls you, its free, but if you call then it cost you! are you asking on your home-phone??

If someone calls you long distance do you have to pay?

She is correct. The one who initiated the call gets billed, unless it is a collect call - in which case you would have had to accept the charges before talking to your friend.

If some one calls you from long distance will you get billed for it?

not unless its a collect call. A regular call is paid by the person who made it.

Do I get charged if someone calls me long distance?

You are not charged for incoming long distance calls on landlines or cell phones. You will be charged for minutes against your account when your receive a long distance call on your cell phone, unl... Read More »