Do lock washers work?

Answer On One Hand: Lock washers workA lock washer is a metal disc with a hole in the center that is placed between a bolt or a screw (a fastener) and the work surface. The lock washer has sharp edges whi... Read More »

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How to Use Lock Washers & Lock Nuts?

An ordinary nut with an ordinary washer, used to fasten a bolt on something that is subject to repetitive vibration--say, a wheel axle or engine accessory--would eventually vibrate loose. Lock wash... Read More »

How Do Auto Window Washers Work?

If you want more visibility and flash on your vehicle, you can install the Xenon Street Glow Strobe headlights yourself. Street Glow Strobe headlights flash once every 2.5 seconds, creating a uniqu... Read More »

How do i work a combination lock?

Turn the dial of your lock three times to the right, stopping on the first number of your combination.Turn the dial one full turn to the left, going past the first number of your combination. Then ... Read More »

Are 3/16 nylon washers the same size as 5mm nylon washers?

3/16 nylon washers are the same size as 5mm nylon washers. The only difference between the two washer sizes is the method used to express the size: 3/16 refers to standard U.S. measures and 5mm ref... Read More »