Do lobsters cry or scream when you cook them?

Answer Crabs & lobsters are said to 'scream' when you drop them into the pot of boiling water. It's actually 'just' the steam escaping from their shells as their bodies cook from inside, making a high-pi... Read More »

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Do lobsters feel pain when they are boiled alive?

yes they do. studies show that fish and other sea creatures experience pain much like a dog or cat would if they were boiled alive. there is no correlation between brain size and pain. large brain ... Read More »

When I refrigerate pudding cups, then take them out of the fridge and keep them out, can i still eat them?

Yes, that's fine. They aren't going to become poisonous by being chilled.

R&P: Do you scream when you are violated?

I have been violated 21 times since Friday by Smiley. That's why I'm staying off R&P right now. Ain't He mature for His age?

When collards are full grown and yellow flowers appear at top what do you do Do you cut them down and let them continue to grow or pull them up?

This is the seed stalk and should not be allowed to grow unless you intend to save the seed.