How do you get rid of wall lizards?

Answer Answer Buy a spud pistol and shoot them. This is the best way. I am going to do this myself. Shooting at them annoys them and this puts them off. Continuous sniping at them for many years leads the... Read More »

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A lounge of lizards?

Do lizards peel?

Both lizards and snakes shed their skin as they grow. Lizards will shed its skin in pieces. If the skin is not coming off easily, it could be due to too low of humidity in its habitat or a medical ... Read More »

Are mealworms bad for lizards?

If lizards are insectivorous, they are able to eat mealworms---as well as insects such as crickets and flies. If a lizard is omnivorous, and they eat both plants and insects, they may become sick i... Read More »

The Diet of Lizards?

Whether there are a number of lizards around your home or garden, or you want to care for a lizard as a pet, it's important to know what lizards eat in order to keep the pets healthy or to keep the... Read More »