Do liquids cool as they evaporate?

Answer Liquids do cool as they evaporate. Evaporation occurs when the molecules of a liquid contain large amounts of energy, and therefore heat. This energy allows the liquid molecules to break away from ... Read More »

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How fast does dry ice evaporate?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. It evaporates through a process called sublimation, changing directly back into a gas. Dry ice sublimates at a rate of five to 10 pounds every 24 hours, depending ... Read More »

Why does Purell evaporate?

The active ingredient in some instant hand sanitizers, including Purell, is ethyl alcohol. According to the Purell brand website, ethyl alcohol makes up about 65 percent of the liquid hand sanitize... Read More »

Does water evaporate from a waterbed?

The water in a waterbed doesn't evaporate, but instead condenses on the outside of the liner. The condensation is due to the heating element, which keeps the bed surface at a comfortable body tempe... Read More »

Why do vitamins evaporate from food?

Vitamins are essential nutrients for healthy living. They are present in many foods, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and meat. Several things can cause the vitamins in a food to evapora... Read More »