Do lindt chocolatiers make sugar free candy?

Answer At this time, Lindt does not make sugar-free chocolates, though the company hopes to offer these options in the future. For the sugar-conscious, the company suggests their 85 percent and 70 percent... Read More »

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Does Lindt chocolate make sugar-free candy?

Lindt does not make a product that is completely sugar-free, but it does make a dark chocolate bar that contains only 5g of sugars per serving. The dark chocolate bar is more bitter-tasting than a ... Read More »

What is sugar alcohol in sugar free candy ?

Sugar-alcohol is neither sugar nor alcohol though its chemical structure is similar to the two. Sugar-alcohol is a natural sweetener found in plants and fruits. It is lower in calories and doesn't ... Read More »

Is sugar-free candy good?

On One Hand: Similar TasteIn a blind taste tests conducted by WebMD and Vancouver's, many people could not distinguish between regular and sugar-free versions of certain candies. Sugar... Read More »

Does sugar-free candy contain corn syrup?

Sugar-free candy does not contain corn syrup. All of the calories in corn syrup come from sugars, and the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations requires that sugar-free products have less than 0.5 g of ... Read More »