Do limes&lemons come from the same tree?

Answer Although lemons and limes are both citrus fruits, they come from different trees. Lemon trees first arrived in North America with European settlers who had been growing them for centuries. Lime t... Read More »

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Do pine nuts come from the same kind of tree as pygenol?

Pine nuts and pygenol both come from a species of pine tree. However, pygenol is extracted from the bark of the Maritime Red Pine and pine nuts are harvested from the cones of several other species... Read More »

Where did the magnolia tree come from?

According to the United States National Arboretum, about 80 species of magnolia trees originate from the eastern United States and southeast Asia. Of those 80 species, eight are indigenous to the U... Read More »

What tree do peppercorns come from?

The familiar peppercorns that are ground to make black pepper come from a vine, not a tree. The black pepper vine, Piper nigrum, is a tropical plant that produces abundant green berries. The unripe... Read More »

What tree does box wood come from?

Boxwood comes from boxwood trees. These shrubby, dense and hardy evergreens belong to the horticultural genus Buxus. There are about 90 known species, and more than 150 different ways to cultivate ... Read More »