Do life insurance companies test for drugs?

Answer According to an article from, life insurance companies may check your blood for a variety of preexisting conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, immune disorders, high cholesterol and ki... Read More »

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Do life insurance companies test for tobacco in urinalysis?

Life insurance companies often check for the smoking habits of clients through the use of urinalysis testing, but low value policies may be excluded. Smokers often pay a higher premium rate due to ... Read More »

What kind of life insurance do you buy for someone who uses illegal drugs?

Term insurance. It's cheaper than whole life or universal life policies. You purchase it in units and increments of years, such as 5 years, 10 years etc. The policy expires after the "term" has ela... Read More »

My friend wants life insurance. Is the blood drawing for just AIDS or for drugs as well?

The blood testing is not just for aids, it includes several areas:HIV/AIDSHigh CholesterolLiver EnzymesNicotineDiabetesThe insurance company medical exam takes blood to perform blood work tests to ... Read More »

Are life insurance companies regulated?

Life insurance companies are not regulated in the way that securities companies are, but individual states must grant permission for a company to sell life insurance. State insurance divisions also... Read More »