Do life coaches need liability insurance?

Answer Answer Short answer: Yes, life coaches need liability insurance.Longer answer: Because there is no such thing as a State Licensed Life Coach, one could well argue that the coaches liability INCREAS... Read More »

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What companies offer liability insurance for life coaches?

Answer Contact a good agent, if they do not offer a policy they will know an agent that does.

Should volunteer sports coaches get general liability insurance?

No, because they are volunteering to do it. If they got liability insurance for it, then they should just get paid for doing it.

If you have Professional liability insurance why do you need general liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance will protect you against lawsuits arising from your actual business operation. Suppose you have a consulting business, and you are sued for providing incorrect info... Read More »

Does the England Basketball Association cover its coaches with liability insurance once they have received their national governing body certificates?

Answer Call your local agency and ask them if they offer a buisness insurance for the type of buisness that you are wanting to insure.